Roskilde Festival ARTZONE


All that glitter aint goldJanuary 2016: Message from my good friend Lars; “Are you interested in curating the ARTZONE area?”

ARTZONE in a huge zone about a 1000m2 off wall that needs to be painted. The theme was Black & Gold. After we gathered the GOLDEN TEAM (BustArt[ch]-Shez[ch]-Roy Scheurder[nl]-Kinos[nl]-Alex[nl]-Sket185[nl]), we started making plans and gave out walls to the different artists, so they had an idea of what they were up to.

On 21 of June, we all met at the Festival area. For all my team members, it was their first time at the Roskilde Festival and they had no idea what was about to happen. I met up with my good friend and MSC crew member, BUST-ART together with Shez, at the Central Station in Copenhagen. We took the train to Roskilde where Lars picked us up to bring us to the famous GRAFFCAMP, which is the homebase from where we will work from for the upcoming 11 days.

RF GraffCamp 2016

the day after we arrived, Roy and Alex joined us and later that same evening Kinos also showed up at GRAFFCAMP. Now that the RF16 GOLDEN TEAM was complete, the start of Project Black & Gold began! Roy and Bust-Art worked late into the night to sketch up their massive walls from about 9 meters high. It was hard work but we had so much fun, as usual. We met new friends and I even met legend Martha Cooper! Sadly not everybody on my team stayed until the end of the festival, and yes they regret it ;).

Overall, RF16 was a great succes and it was like BOOGIE said in 2015, “Paint, Eat, Sleep… Repeat.”