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Category: Blog

MSC Family Brighton weekend

It is Friday 12 am, that I enter the train at London Bridge for the MSC Family Brighton weekend. 3 years ago Skatin and Karma83 moved from Amsterdam back to Brighton, after 8 years living, painting and partying in Amsterdam. It was in Amsterdam where they founded the Multi SyndiCate crew in 2012. It was an amazing time back in those days (you could write a book of it). But as always fun ends so they decided to move forward and started their life back in their home town Brighton….

London Calling

Last week I had a commission job trough the Amsterdam street art organisation and it was literally London calling, Me and my good buddy Sjembakkus travelled on the 25th of september to London City airport to paint at the Moxy Hotel, Stratford London. We where on the early flight so we arrived quite early in the big metropole London. We first went to our hotel to leave our luggage before we went off to see the hotel site. Arriving at the hotel site it was still a mayhem of working…

Mysteryland Puna Stage

Last Monday, the 21st of august 9:00 am, We ( Beazarility – Ivesone – Sjembakkus ) met up behind Central station in Amsterdam. Mission; Puna Stage at the legendary Mysteryland Festival. After a short ride we arrived at the gates of the festival area. Ivesone already contacted our contact person Jill, and she coordinated us to the spot where we gonna spend some hours of working and painting. Once we arrived we started unpacking the paint. Some people (8) where busy trying to figuring out how to build up our…

Melbourne vs Amsterdam

They all arrived around the same time in Amsterdam and the fun started, Melbourne vs Amsterdam, my friends from Melbourne which I met over the years at the Roskilde Festival, but this time they came all together. We all met at the Airbnb where they stayed for a welcome drink in my beautiful city Amsterdam.  Sabeth Porno and me made plans for our first wall, on the roofterras in the dutch style with joints and beers. The next morning we all met at the ferry behind CS at 10:30.  We where…

Elementary school De Piramide

Elementary school De Piramide In 2012 we, as the MSC, did a project voor the Montessori school in Amsterdam North. Due to the big succes with our “WACKY RACES” wall we where asked for an other project at a different Elementary school De Piramide, in the same neighbourhood. After some planning and emails with Lorence who organised the school yard renovation. We ( Bust – Zaira – Oxalienski – Dood Konijn ) Planned to start painting the wall on the 25th of april. A few days before my dear friends Bust and…

Dutch Master Crew

Dutch Master Crew at the NDSM Last weekend I hooked up with my crew brothers RASTA & ZACE from the DMC (Dutch Master Crew), at first the plan was to meet-up in Utrecht and paint there, but due to circumstances the plan changed. So we decided to meet-up in  my city Amsterdam. At 10AM they arrived at CS and I had to rush because i overslept and was a little too late. Finally after i arrived we toke the ferry towards the NDSM. Packed with ours bags full of spray…

First wall of 2017

My First wall of 2017, it was darn cold. But my good friend Bust was back in the Dam again and painting was defiantly on the menu this weekend. After a great evening at Batavia and the Belgique with friends, where the plan and ideas where created. The next morning I headed towards the NDSM. Bust was already there and we met at the Streetart Today headquarters at the NDSM street art museum. After some chit chat and a warm cup of coffee with Peter and Nick we bared the cold and started our mission….

Opening group show O.D. Gallery

Opening group show O.D. Gallery What a Classic MSC weekend again with Crime partner mr Bustart… It all started at Batavia of course our local hang out where I met Stef around 23:00, due to a nice delay of Easyjet. The next day we had to prepare the canvases for the opening of the show at the Original Dampkring Gallery, first a stop at the art supply store and work work work. The other artist also arrived and showed up at the gallery which ended with a dinner, and a plan for painting…

Live painting @ Teleport Hotel 2016

In the weekend of 27 & 28 november I joined the ASA crew, to paint decorations inside the Teleport Hotel in Amsterdam west.I arrived at the Teleport Hotel around 11 in the morning and after a slow start and some fresh coffee I started with my first room, room number 6. In the end i have painted 2 rooms the first day and 2 more rooms the next day. I had a lot of fun although the fumes were tuff to beat even with mask. the other rooms