Dutch Master Crew

Zace Sket185 Rasta NDSM Amsterdam 2017

Dutch Master Crew at the NDSM

Last weekend I hooked up with my crew brothers RASTA & ZACE from the DMC (Dutch Master Crew), at first the plan was to meet-up in Utrecht and paint there, but due to circumstances the plan changed. So we decided to meet-up in  my city Amsterdam. At 10AM they arrived at CS and I had to rush because i overslept and was a little too late. Finally after i arrived we toke the ferry towards the NDSM.

Zace Sket185 Rasta NDSM Amsterdam 2017Packed with ours bags full of spray cans and our sketches we arrive at the other side “NDSM” and we start to plan our wall. The first lines show up and it is busy withZace Sket185 Rasta NDSM Amsterdam 2017 people going to the IJ-hallen market. We all planned to use the same filling and out-line colours and one big brown swirly background. Just like a proper production wall should be according the Graffiti laws and figgis. As you can see it is not our first time we are doing this together as we had to explain to many people who passed by.

Around 16:30, as real old men, we decided to call it the end of the day and come go back the next day to finish the wall. So there we were again day 2. This time we first headed towards HENXS, our local paint supplier, to get the missing colours we needed to finish the wall.

Once we where back at the wall we needed to take a good look again before we started. Rasta still needed to do at lot on his piece so Zace and me are going to finish the background. Swirl after swirl we builded the background full.

Yet on other Dutch Master Crew wall done!