First wall of 2017

My First wall of 2017, it was darn cold. But my good friend Bust was back in the Dam again and painting was defiantly on the menu this weekend. After a great evening at Batavia and the Belgique with friends, where the plan and ideas where created.

The next morning I headed towards the NDSM. Bust was already there and we met at the Streetart Today headquarters at the NDSM street art museum. After some chit chat and a warm cup of My first wall of 2017 at NDSM, Amsterdamcoffee with Peter and Nick we bared the cold and started our mission. We decided to keep it simple and not to go that wild because of the cold. Black fillin and grey background little bit of blue and yellow outlines.

After sorting out the paint we bravely started painting our wall, the paint came out slower than I hoped and my fat cap became a skinny but i at worked out. About 3 hours later we where finished, pack our stuff and headed out to a warm spot to chill a bit, smoke and drink a beer.