London Calling

moxy hotel stratford London

Last week I had a commission job trough the Amsterdam street art organisation and it was literally London calling, Me and my good buddy Sjembakkus travelled on the 25th of september to London City airport to paint at the Moxy Hotel, Stratford London. We where on the early flight so we arrived quite early in the big metropole London. We first went to our hotel to leave our luggage before we went off to see the hotel site.

moxy hotel stratford LondonArriving at the hotel site it was still a mayhem of working people building the hotel itself, so before we could even enter the construction site we had to follow a safety training and explained what was allowed and what was not allowed. Then with full equipment we where allowed to enter. The first day not everything was ready so we decided to use this day to take it slow and visit Chrome&Black and get my inkt and my markers and more paint supplies.

moxy hotel stratford LondonLater than afternoon Me and Sjem had an official English Pint at the local West Ham bar.

Frist painting day
It was time to start, it was 08:30 am and we where on our way to the Moxy again, a small stop at the supermarket for some water and bagels. The first day went really well. I got used to the surrounding noises and had my own rhythm of painting. Around 17:30pm we stopt, it's beer and fun time. Later that evening I hooked up with legend and true good friend Tizer from the ID crew. It was really good to see him again and we had a great time painting at Leak street in London. It turned out to be quite a long day and Sjem and me where back at the hotel around 12 pm. 

moxy hotel stratford London

Day 2 
Again 08:30 am after a cup of coffee at the hotel we went off back to the Moxy, busy busy busy ..... :D. The second day was a bit more hectic than the first one, much more people on the floor, and a few that decided to test and try out the alarms. Still I almost made it that day with finishing my paint but decided to come back the friday morning for a few same details stuff. Sjem left back to Amsterdam on Friday and went early to the airport hoping for a better internet connecting, so I said goodby to him and I headed back to Moxy before leaving for my next trip to Brighton (MSC Family time) ... to be continued.

moxy hotel stratford London - London Calling