Melbourne vs Amsterdam

Sket185, Dutch Graffiti / Street Artist,Flevopak Amsterdam 2017

They all arrived around the same time in Amsterdam and the fun started, Melbourne vs Amsterdam, my friends from Melbourne which I met over the years at the Roskilde Festival, but this time they came all together. We all met at the Airbnb where they stayed for a welcome drink in my beautiful city Amsterdam. 


Sabeth Porno and me made plans for our first wall, on the roofterras in the dutch style with joints and beers. The next morning we all met at the ferry behind CS at 10:30.  We where all very exited, and i have not seen Sabeth since 2015 and Porno since 2013. We had it all planned out the fill-in colours outline and the backgroud. The Sun was our friend too and looked at us till the end. Packed with all our spray cans, ladder, beers we walked toward the IJhallen where the Hall Of Fame is. Overall a very descended start of the painting trip from down under.


Porno Sket185 Sabeth, NDSM warf 2017

The second painting day they wanted to paint at a different place as before, which makes sense, so we headed toward the Flevopark. This is the oldest Hall Of Fame in Amsterdam. The place is one of a kind because it is an end stop and the tram line passes by to make a U-turn.


On the Saturday evening we headed back to the NDSM to meet up with our good friend Lars from Copenhagen, he was in town as well, for some meetings, and he stayed in a hotel on the NDSM. My good friend Peter Ernst Coolen from the Biggest Streetart Museum organised a little BBQ and quickly plans where made for the last wall on Sunday. Because on Tuesday the Roskilde madness starts for me the Rest will follow a couple days later.