Live painting @ Teleport Hotel 2016

Teleport Hotel room 21

In the weekend of 27 & 28 november I joined the ASA crew, to paint decorations inside the Teleport Hotel in Amsterdam west.

I arrived at the Teleport Hotel around 11 in the morning and after a slow start and some fresh coffee I started with my first room, room number 6. In the end i have painted 2 rooms the first day and 2 more rooms the next day. I had a lot of fun although the fumes were tuff to beat even with mask. 

the other rooms

I started with room 6 i call it the triangel explosion room, It was an idea i had in my head for a while, so for me it was a test which turned out quite nice I think. After finishing room 6 I continued with room 21, where I had cart blanc 😀 so of course i made me a nice style.